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Voting Record

The following pieces of legislation are those Representative Raymond sponsored during the 2020 session:

HB356: This bill allows feedlot operators to use the Idaho State Department of Agriculture’s (ISDA) web-based planner to create a Nutrient Management Plan while maintaining the proprietary nature of these production records.

HB480: This bill grants a “Seal of Biliteracy” to students who become proficient in a second world language. This will help those in the dual language immersion programs by recognizing their efforts on their graduation diplomas. It may create job opportunities and/or extra college credits. It had broad support from across the state.

HB491: A critical step toward reducing red tape for emergency services, this important legislation erases barriers between ambulance and fire districts; thus, allowing them to share resources to protect lives and property.

HB576: During the past decade, the legislature has appropriated more than $200M in infrastructure for the purpose of increasing online learning opportunities. In the last five years, the legislature took it a step further and appropriated funds for “Digital Content and Curriculum.” This year $1.6 million was set aside for that purpose. These funds, in the past, were distributed on a formula basis by the State Department of Education. Our rural districts have been receiving between $3,700 to $11,000, with Jefferson getting $24,000. The Treasure Valley schools were taking a full 1/3 of the funding — receiving between $55,000 and $155,000. This new legislation makes any local education agency (LEA) eligible for up to $50,000 by application on a first-come, first-served, most-needed basis. Rural schools can cooperate and apply jointly if desired. This change puts our rural school districts on equal footing with larger urban schools for much-needed funding.

HB523, HB624: Raymond co-sponsored with Governor Little two bills, which create the third rung of the teacher career ladder. This should create a clear professional path for those entering the teaching profession and reward veteran teachers for their years of professional service. He also co-sponsored the beginning teacher salary legislation from 2019. Both of these were done with a very conservative 3.75% economic projection baked in. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with that projection, but he vows to continue to support education at a high level.

Lastly Governor Little asked Raymond to co-chair the Teacher Benefit Working Group. With Representative Furniss' efforts, HB443 was passed this year. Raymond was able to be part of the signing ceremony on Feb 9, 2022. This legislation benefits administrators, educators and certified staff across the state while at the same time saving tax payer dollars at the district level.

Raymond has promised to continue to work for the people of Idaho and especially the citizens of District 31 in a conservative effort to improve lives and better Idaho’s future.