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Jerald Raymond has demonstrated a commitment to agriculture, limited government, less regulations and lower taxes and has been endorsed by the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation.

Idaho Chooses Life has voted to endorse Jerald Raymond in the upcoming Primary Election. He has a 100% pro-Life record. But more than that, he has helped lead the effort to uphold the sanctity of human life. Jerald was a co-sponsor of the most important pro-Life legislation ever considered by the Legislature during the 2020 session. Thankfully, he helped us get that Trigger Law into Idaho Code. Jerald has proven himself to be an effective legislator and leader in the fight to protect preborn babies. - David Ripley, Idaho Chooses Life

“I support Jerald Raymond in the upcoming legislative race. I had the pleasure of working with Jerald when he was a Jefferson County Commissioner. He is one of the most honest and kind people I know.
We need people in the legislature who are going to represent their districts and Jerald is that man.”
-Sheriff Anderson
Jefferson County Sheriff

Educator - District 93

Megan Dallimore

As an educator, I am grateful for the legislation that led to passing Bill 443 into Law.  This important piece of Legislation will directly impact my family.  

Representative Rod Furniss was the sponsor on this Bill.  However, his work took several years and many colleagues helped with the passing of this important law.  One of these colleagues was Jerald Raymond who served as an Idaho State Representative from 2018-2020.

Because of the work of Representative Rod Furniss, Jerald Raymond and many others that worked tirelessly, educators and school employees will now have options for Health Insurance that just were not possible without this legislation.

Health insurance is one of my family’s most costly monthly expenditures and a significant portion of my paycheck goes to providing health insurance.  Bill 443 was recently signed into Law by Governor Little and will give my family options to lower that cost.

Rod Chandler

As I have been campaigning for Jerald Raymond, I'm asked why I support a candidate from Jefferson County over the candidate from Fremont County.

The job, as I understand it, is to support and represent our entire District 31.

I know Jerald, and feel our County interests would be better served by an individual who follows the issues, over one who aligns themselves only with a special interest agenda. I feel we need a change, and for me, Jerald offers it.

LaVerne Sessions

Beyond a doubt, Jerald Raymond has my endorsement as a qualified conservative Republican to run for the State Representative seat 31A.
Jerald is an experienced public servant who has wisdom and insight to make the best decisions for Idaho. He comes from a Four Generation Idaho Family. He is a business owner, and understands the importance of farming, ranching, mining, logging and good education in Idaho. Over the past few years I have had the privilege to serve on a state wide committee working to keep Idaho a Drug Free State with Jerald and other committed Idaho citizens, business owners and legislators. I have found him to be well qualified in leading out with conservative VALUES AND PRINCIPLES.

Jerald's insight into our communities problems and his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns, sets him far apart from the other candidate who he will be running against. Jerald's well-known commitment to accountability in government and fiscal responsibility will promote an atmosphere of openness in our community with local and statewide concerns. If you want to see honest people in government, please join me in supporting Jerald Raymond for State Representative. He is the best qualified candidate who has the integrity and leadership we need for District #31. I will be working for his success.

Educator - Rigby Middle School

Krista Gneiting

I have taught Math for 10 years, 6 of which have been at Rigby Middle School. I endorse Jerald Raymond candidate for Idaho House of Representatives District 31.

As a teacher in Jefferson County, I have heard and talked with other teachers and we appreciate the latest efforts to improve teacher health insurance benefits. During the 2018-2020 legislative session, Jerald was instrumental in the groundwork for House Bill 443 signed into law by Governor Little on February 8, 2022.

Other legislation concerning education which candidate Raymond sponsored in 2020 were: Biliteracy diplomas—House Bill 480 and Digital content, curriculum—House Bill 576 

He also supported: Career ladder allocation model –House Bill 523 and Teachers, career ladder, premiums—House Bill 624

Education has always been important to me and I raised my kids to understand the importance of a good education. I try to instill that in the students I work with every day. Education remains a top priority.

I am grateful for leaders like Jerald Raymond who support education and do their best to utilize useful programs to support the teachers who work hard teaching the children.

Troy and Janet Shippen

Jerald Raymond has been such an advocate for education, teachers, and the development of our youth. Jerald knows that the youth need and deserve a quality education. He always supported teachers when he was serving previously as a representative. Those choices have not been supported in the last couple of years and that is why I am speaking up and supporting him. He has proven his character by his actions and his voting record. He will always help support our children and grandchildren. He is a God-fearing man, great leader, and he values every person in Idaho. He is a rancher, farmer and understands Idaho and how to keep it great. 

Jerald Raymond is the best choice.

Natalie Groom

Annette Clark

Brett Jensen

Our family supports Jerald Raymond. He is an honest, hard working person and has proven that he will represent southeast Idaho in Boise honorably in 2023 and moving forward. We need someone of his caliber and character to represent us. Please join our family in supporting Jerald Raymond.

Jerald Raymond is the best choice.